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Centre for Psycosmic Science. Its main aims are the discovery of our innate higher intelligence, and the creation of a new generation of people with a futuarised vision for the millennium. The natural by-products of this process as far as the individual is concerned, will be a deep sense of fulfillment and an increased level of performance, in all areas of life.

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We offer group meditation classes which increase the Endocrine System Function. This is very important for our cells in body, memory, immunity, and physical fitness, and controls our ability to feel happy, deal with stress, and maintain steady moods. Without it, we cannot digest food properly or operate our muscles, among other things.

We take great pride in our stretching. We have dynamic stretching and static stretching for all type of age group which helps the Nervous system on increasing the elasticity of connective tissues, the cells that bind muscle fibers together, encapsulate them, and network them with other organs.

We offer a series of tummy trimmer. Almost 65% out there having abdominal obesity. We have series of gesturecises which help to burn excessive abdominal fat around the stomach and excellent for trimming the waist and toning the tummy

We offer great dynamic warm up in-relate to Cardiovascular system which facilitated oxygen utilization by warmed muscles because hemoglobin releases oxygen more readily at higher muscle temperatures, facilitated nerve transmission and muscle metabolism at higher temperatures; a specific warm up can facilitate motor unit recruitment required in subsequent all out activity and many more.

We offer best the breathing exercise. This process of breathing is linked intimately between the action of the lungs (Respiratory system), and the blood circulatory system but not forgetting the coordination of the brain. Want to know more join to unlock the more secrets.

Apart from regular exercises, gesturecises and physical workouts, we pay particular attention to the personal growth of every individual. During the 18 days, we teach you on how to manage your PMEI, its inter-relation with the ten body system and on how to bring about an absolute balance with the intra-cellular body homeostasis. Know that,this is just one part of the Oscioyoga Curricullum.

Our Activities

  • Living Skills Development
  • Body Management Science Programs
  • Mind Skills Development & Memory-Mapping Cources
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Accelerated Mind Science Programs
  • Nature Appreciation Camps
  • Nature Cure Camps
  • Herbiculture Farm
  • Annual Nature Retreat/Appreciation Programs
  • Annual Earth Hour & Earth Day Celebration
  • Conferences on World Restoration
  • Globally Bringing Eco-Balance and Presentation Awareness & Knowledge

The team aim was to educate the new generation on the new study of Body Management Bio-science as a way to comprehend the hidden powers of the Body, Mind and Soul as a new Millennium Science. It teaches on how to understand and practice the enormous potentials and qualities we have within our dormant, innate self. Regular practice of this helps one to expand the Mindscape and to broaden the view of Quality Life. 

The Prime objective of FGCF is to carry out research and to bring about awareness to practice and understand human behavioral science as a Learning discipline. It wants to provide all of these practices to everyone as a FREE public programme. This will be carried out worldwide, as global community services. 

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